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Anu Attorney Professional Law Group, PLLC, is a full-service U.S. Immigration law firm focused in all areas of federal U.S. immigration law.

The firm provides high quality, sophisticated and customer focused representation in the areas of business immigration, labor certifications, removal defense, waivers, federal court litigation, citizenship, asylum and related matters.

The mission of the AA the Law Group is to help every person who is pursuing the dream of coming to the United States. As a result of our broad expertise, the firm is able to provide our clients the world over with comprehensive representation in virtually every immigration-related matter and come up with optimum strategies and solutions for their toughest immigration problems.

We strive to educate the immigrant community with our continually expanding, cutting-edge knowledge of immigration laws and regulations. Our clients are our No 1 priority ! In order to best serve our clients we have many associates, attorneys and staff who are from different parts of the continent and we have access to Interpreter” services of many different languages spoken around the world.

We also provide Corporate business set up advice, international contracts and international & family law to offer our clients a one stop shop. Count us to have “Laws & immigration” simplified

Why Hire Anu Attorney

    • 150+ Years of Collective Experience

      In the past 3 decades, we have successfully helped over 15,000 clients achieve what was rightfully theirs’ in the first pace

    • Exclusive Focus on Personal Client

      With a systematic and clear headed approach, we tackle each case in a unique manner. One size fits all doesn’t work in Law and it is important to have a different strategy for each case.

    • Proven Track Record

      With so many landmark cases won under our belt, we have created a legacy that speaks for itself. Our motive is to help as many people as possible.

“We fight for your rights, your family, your children, and your immigration status”

— Anu Peshawaria, Attorney at Law

India US Business


Setting up a business in the United States involves also getting visa’s for your employees at managerial and executive positions who come in on intracompany transfers…


When you are setting up your business either in India or in the United States, we help you develop your financial plan based on the economies and the requirements of your business…


The immigration laws in the United States are pretty complex and what you essentially require to enter the US is a visa which itself may not guarantee your entry! Our expertise is in immigration…


One of the greatest challenges with setting up a business in a country like India is with meeting government officials where bureucracy and hierarchy play a very crucial role. Our representatives…


Along with setting up a business comes along the formality of taxations. The laws in United States for taxation are very different from India and we help you understand the laws in either countries taxes…


Contracts are a vital part of any business dealing and those happening between countries are extremely important for the development of both countries. The contracts are usually drawn…

anu attorney Practice Areas

US Immigration

Living the American Dream in the Land of the Free need no longer be a dream for you…


Deportation need not necessarily happen to you. Timely guidance & our legal interventions…


Do you need safe sanctuary from persecution on the grounds of race, religion, nationality…

Business Setup

The current ‘making America great again’ movement opens windows of opportunities for…

Family Laws

The United States has a comprehensive set of laws in place to ensure justice to parties who…

Criminal Charges

All individuals including those who hold the green cards, can be deported if they violate…


Qualified investors and their families may be eligible to enter the United States on this type…

International Contracts

International contract refers to a legally binding agreement between parties, based in…

What’s New at Anu Attorney?

EB-5 visas best bet for Indians: US attorney

CHANDIGARH: In view of the unsettled nature of H-1B employment visas and the long wait for applicants that exceeds 10 years, EB-5 visas have emerged as the best bet for Indian families aspiring for US green cards, a US immigration lawyer has said. Stating this at a...

Client Reviews

Don’t Just take our word for it!

Anu as a Successful Indian American Attorney

Outstanding Community Leadership Award

This award was presented to her by the City of Fremont, California for her outstanding work in the launch of legal aid programs which assists new immigrants to adapt triumphantly to U.S. customs and laws in order to enjoy a higher quality of...

Alien of Extraordinary Ability (2000)

This award was presented by the Immigration and Naturalizatio Service of the U.S. for her exemplary and commendable achievements in the field of athletics and human rights.

34 Years of Experience

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