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US India business relations play a key role in improving the economies of both countries and we at Anu Attorney’s law group do have an expertise in international law which includes a wide range of services including international trade investment, taxation and complex litigation and arbitration, multilateral and regional trade agreements, export and import control restrictions and customs and border security.

The founder Anu Peshawaria, being an Indian herself who has practiced in both the Supreme court of India and Supreme court of the United states of America knows the pulse of what is required in both countries to set up a business and she along with our team of over 200 associates comprising of business development managers , chartered accountants and lawyers both in India and the United states are experienced in representing clients who require help with business related issues.



We help companies get a good understanding of the laws and legal framwork of both countries. For US based companies the Indian domestic market and the economy are both huge attractions and setting up a base here in India means going through the entire legal formalities and that is where we hold an expertise. Our team of associates present in India is both experienced and qualified to understand the legal framework of the country and can help you set up your business easily.

For Indian companies wanting to set up base in the US we help you with everything right from setting up US incorporation , US immigration to going through all legal formalities, licensing till you set up your companies in the US and our team of experts are always ready to help you with any legal issues you face in the United States.

At the Anu Attorney Law Group we believe in fostering good relations between India and the United states using our expertise in the legal field to make your work simpler and hassle free.



Setting up a business in the United States involves also getting visa’s for your employees at managerial and executive positions who come in on intracompany transfers. We help you go through all the visa formalities so they can live and work in the United States.

In India too we connect with the external affairs ministry directly and help you get through all your documentation formalities.


When you are setting up your business either in India or in the United States, we help you develop your financial plan based on the economies and the requirements of your business.

Our services extend not just to helping you set up businesses but also helping you deal with cases related to your existing businesses. We handle cases in all sectors relatating to debtors and creditors and even bankruptcy litigations.


The immigration laws in the United States are pretty complex and what you essentially require to enter the US is a visa which itself may not guarantee your entry! Our expertise is in US immigration and we can help you through all your visa formalities as required for your professional purpose. We are committed to helping you obtain visa’s for both you and your employees so you can easily set up your business in the United States.

In India too we help you go through similar formalities and help you acquire all the required documents to enter the country and set up base there.


One of the greatest challenges with setting up a business in a country like India is with meeting government officials where bureucracy and hierarchy play a very crucial role. Our representatives/ associates in India are well networked with the cream of bureaucracy and connect with officials even high up as the central ministers. We therefore take you through a relatively smooth sailing process of setting up your business in India.
We share a similar rapport with the government officials in the United States and will take care of all your legal formalities ranging from incorporation to immigration to getting you the licenses for your business.


Along with setting up a business comes along the formality of taxations. The laws in United States for taxation are very different from India and we help you understand the laws in either countries so you can pay your taxes smoothly as the primary purpose of taxes is to fund government expenditures.

Be it your personal taxation or for your business our experts comprising of both lawyers and chartered accountants are here to help you with the entire procedure.

So if you are looking at setting up a business in the United States or if you are a US based company looking to set up in India, We at the Anu Attorney law firm are there to give you 360 degress legal advice and support so your process of moving and setting up is smooth sailing and hassle free!


Contracts are a vital part of any business dealing and those happening between countries are extremely important for the development of both countries. The contracts are usually drawn up by legal advisors and we help with all types of contracts including

International sale contract.
International distribution contract.
International agency Contract.
International sales representative contract.
International supply contract.
International manufacturing contact.
International services contract.
International strategic alliance contract.
International joint contract.,
International franchise contract.

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Anu Peshawaria

Former Legal Advisor, Embassy of India Washington DC